North Glen Dentistry

Gregory S. Jacob, DDS

Special Denture Services


North Glen Dentistry is also a certified and licensed BPS Denture Laboratory and care center.  BPS is short for "Biofunctional Prosthetic System".  This proven denture care system from Ivoclar-Vivadent features life-like denture teeth and unique precision injection molding methods for fabricating quality dentures with improved fit, function, comfort, strength and resistance to retention of germs and stains.

We are available on a limited basis to provide select services to residents of senior communities.  Also, our mobile denture care teams include skilled and experienced technicians that can accompany us to residential facilities and hence help achieve a high level of service in a timely manner.  Please note that in many cases, any proposed treatment procedures may require clearance from the medical staff before any actual treatment is rendered.

We are advocates that every denture patient should be offered an affordable optional spare denture as a temporary back-up appliance in the event their original denture is lost or compromised.  Spare dentures may be fabricated without the need to go without the original for any extended time period and often involves a very simple procedure that is non-invasive and non-destructive to the original denture.
***************************************************************************************************************************************    DENTURE REPAIR AND REFINEMENT

In addition to offering all new dentures, North Glen Dentistry contains an in-house denture laboratory where many kinds of repairs, relines and other denture care procedures may be done in a convenient and time saving manner.  In many cases, arrangements may be possible for same or next day service.


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